Clinical Depression Specialist

  • Has your life become a horrible endurance.
  • Do you wake up emotionally drained and exhausted.
  • Not dealing with your every day problems and issues in the usual way.
  • Are you suffering from digestive problems, headaches, backaches or general fatigue.

Now imagine waking up every morning with an incredible feeling of optimism and a real awareness of the boundless possibilities life has in store for you.

Break the cycle of depression

beat clinical depression
  • Depression is not a disease. You cannot catch it from anyone.
  • Only 1% of depression is genetic, mostly in men.
  • Teenagers suffer depression ten times more than adults.
  • Why depression has numerous physical symptoms.
  • Understand the link between REM sleep pattern and depression.
  • How to eat for mental and physical well being.
  • Regain your positive thinking style and learn new life skills.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combining cognitive therapeutic counselling and subconscious healing techniques which breaks the cycle of Clinical Depression easily and permanently.

Please contact me with any questions you may have how Clinical Hypnotherapy breaks the cycle of Clinical Depression, which will enable you to enjoy your life to the full.